Friday, March 17, 2006

Blogging Montage

and so the topics shall spew forth from my fingers with no connection to each other whatsoever... (hee hee, I said spew)

Yesterday I booked my first wedding! I'm thilled and honored to marry my friends.

oh crap, I just forgot everything I was going to talk about.

An important Reminder. Ladies, Monday is Steak and Knobber day. don't forget to treat your man. Unless he's a vegetarian, in which case he probably doesn't like blow jobs either so you're off the hook.

Happy St Patricks Day. I know I should not celebrate the day that St Patrick drove all the "snakes" from Ireland since it's been suggested that it's a eufamism for the removal of the Druids, but, I can't help it that I like to wear green, I don't like to be pinched, and for most people, St Pattys isn't about religious issues, it's about green beer and corned beef. ooh. maybe I'll make corned beef and cabbage in my slow cooker for dinner! (maybe it's too late to have it for dinner tonight, but there's always tomorrow!)mmm. corned beef and cabbage.

I just checked my email, and there was SPAM in there that was sent tomorrow.

There was indeed lots more, but I'm still forgetful and I should be working.

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