Monday, October 17, 2005

weekend update

Made Caramel Friday Night. Baked it onto chocolate chip cookies and took them to T at work on Saturday. In protest to being called an old lady by boy roomie, girl roomie and I went streaking in our backyard. we are no longer old ladies. No, we weren't drinking, it was my idea, and yes, I am embarrassed that boy roomie saw me nakid. Finished a sewing project and watched somewhere near 5 movies yesterday.

Someone useing my bathroom does not wipe up the pee on the seat, or lid if there are drips. My formerly pink sink is crusted with white toothpaste. The plumbing sings. I don't know why. Something broke my bedroom window. I think the fish smell in the fridge is from the home canned tuna boy roomie partially consumes then sticks in the fridge, with a loosley wrapped piect of plastic wrap on it. But that could just be me guessing. I would move next month if I could.


jootastic said...

roomies stink.

Codename Maverick said...

Oh, you poor thing. Yes, that is nasty...pee pee droplets on the toilet seat. I'm a guy and I still think that's filthy. Every guy knows you have to pee behind the toilet if you wanna get away with it. Or better yet, how about the sink? And if you really wanna pee nasty without getting busted...just do it in the shower...after all that is why it's called a "golden shower."

jen said...

2 boys are moving in with me next month...boys are pee monsters!

Sensei Ern said...

In public restrooms, the women are the mess mistresses.

I janitored for about a month. At restaurants, women will teeter above the stool so as to avoid touching the seat, where guys can stand back and take aim. The women's toilets were the worst to clean. and stank, and more often not flushed.

To clean the men's toilets took a mop. To clean the women's took a biohazard suit.

ziozg: How a drunk refutes the officers claim of reckless driver..."Ociffer, I may have had one little drinkypoo, but I was not ziozgging all over the road."

Ginamonster said...

seamus: no. a golden shower is something else entirely. and no thank you, I don't want one, and I won't give one.

Sensai: you are so right. I have cleaned restrooms too. I've seen women pee on the seat, the floor, everywhere. gross.

Ladies: yes they are, and yes they do.

Jester said...

Seriously, useless without photos. :D