Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I was preapproved for a loan yesterday. It's enough to buy a very nice house....15 years ago. not enough to buy even a condo conversion today. It's apartment for me! (and me alone, I have decided)

The big boss picked his nose in the middle of our meeting today. We were all looking at him when he did it because he was speaking. I was shocked.

Shining moment for the day:
When a Coworker told me that I was a female GQ, and that I look great today. This is a shining moment because I don't tend to worry as much about fashion as my contemporaries, being a jeans and t shirt kind of girl, and having been fashionably backward for most of my life.

Note to roomates:
Please do eat all the pumpkin bread I made. I make it for fun, I don't plan to eat much of it. Please do not leave the empty crumb covered plate in the microwave. (This is my bitch for the day)

I guess that's all today. I had a very dirty thought last night that I was going to share, but it occurred to me that I am better off keeping somethings to myself. Well, I think it's dirty. Other people might not. oh well.

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