Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hey! I like that answer!

So on some morning talk show they were interviewing the guy who was beaten by New Orleans police. He was, I don't know, 78 or something. But i popped by just in time to hear them ask the following:

"Do you think this beating was racially motivated?"

and ya know what he said?

"I absolutely do not think it was racially motivated."

and the angels sang. and Gina said, "Hallelujah!" and I thought for a moment, as apeaceful feeling came over me, that perhaps there is hope for this country after all. Perhaps we'll get over ourselves long enough to take responsibility for our actions instead of insisting that we are only punished based on the color of our skin.

Here's a questions for you, do Albino people cry discrimination because there aren't any indoor water parks in the US? Do they hold protestations because they truly are white, while the rest of the world calls pink people white?

I'm going to go picket the NAACP because I, as a yellow individual, do not have any representation. Why aren't they sticking up for the rights of yellows? Yellow is a color. I'm going to complain to the government because they force me to choose a "race" when I truly believe that I am "other". I'll sue Sea World because when I filled out my employment information, and they asked my ethnicity (for survey purposes, of course) they didn't allow me to mark all that applied.

Have you had enough of the rediculousness? I have. www.zazzafooky.com has a great post about racism today.


Lightning Bug's Butt said...

I so like this post. Great point. Nothing like a wee bit of satire in the morning!

Sensei Ern said...


Nah, I won't say it this time.

But, wouldn't it be cool to label yourself part of the Religious Right but not a Christian Conservative?

Veriword: "jnescbn": similar to log cabin Republicans, except they feel they are not welcome because they are not part of the Christian Conservative movement, even though they are religious but not Christian

Ginamonster said...

Nope. Because I don't believe myself part of the religeous right, whether it "Right Wing" or "Right/Correct"

raafb: the noise a cheerleader makes when she swallows a bug mid yell.