Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Dear Crackhead behind me,

yes, you. I would like to start out by telling you, (in case you didn't know) that just because you can afford the biggest truck on Ford's lot, doesn't mean that you should. Also, being behind the wheel of a nice vehical does not make you look any lees like a crack head. Secondly, we're in a gas crisis, which means huge cars are out of style. Thirdly, following so close behind me that all I can see is the grille of your F2,000,000 in my reveiw mirror (I wish I was exaggerating on this one)as we make our way down the windy mountain will not get you down the hill any faster. in fact, if I have to make a sudden stop (and this is pretty frequent due to traffic) the back of my hed is going to be shaped like your oversized grille. and since that will mess up all my future hairdos, I would prefer you backed off. Or I may have to get bitchy. you won't like me if I'm bitchy.


Sensei Ern said...

Are you saying that, "Hey, Baby. I would like to leave the imprint of my grill on the back of your head," is not a good pickup line?

Get it...pickup?

OK, I will stop.

Veriword: "ATOYOT": the imprint on the back of one's head when rearended by a Toyota pickup

Ginamonster said...

bad. and no, it isn't a good pickup line, not for me anyway. I would have let her hit me except that he truck was way bigger than my little jalopy.

umkishj: a very yummy kiss from a very yummy person that you just don't want to end.