Monday, October 31, 2005

Highlights from the weekend

Friday night watching scary movies and eating nachos with T. I took an unreasonable amount of joy in his amusement when I would jump at the scary parts.

Saturday with my family. I especially liked the part where my brother won his Waterpolo match and then, on the way home, he joked that he is hung like a light switch. My sister announced that it is wrong to joke aout his penis, and I asked him how it felt to know that his penis is a joke.

Sunday. Faire. I spun a good yarn. Ick fest when some random guy was "professing his love for me" and he kissed my hand. Lovely sentiments when I was 16, totally gross now. If I were a patron, it would have been worth his effort. Since I am a participant, don't bother, creepy. I wiped my hand on my skirt after he left my booth. OH!! and I learned how to make brooms!!!

Watched "Stage Beauty" last night. Add Billy Crudup to my list.

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