Monday, October 10, 2005

Truck Rant

In my neighborhood, there are a lot of trucks. not reasonably sized pick up trucks, but the big ones that are more accurately placed in front of a trailer on a ranch. Many of these are kept spotlessly clean and will never haul a speck of dirt, will never visit the dump, will never pull a trailer. They are, in essence, gas guzzling status symbols.
I purchased my car with the intention of hauling stuff around, (which I did and do)and playing a bit off the beaten path. It's a all wheel drive small SUV. At the time that I purchased it, and for 4 years after, I was lugging around my massage table. It was the perfect car for me. My little jalopy still serves me very well. However, if I had not been massaging, I would have chosen something smaller, because as a single person without children, I don't feel that I would need more than a 2 door (slightly sporty car. a new bug would be glorious), or small pick up truck (you know, because I like to haul stuff. This can be bad though, there are plastic chairs in my cargo hold that have been there for a month).
So here is my issue. Last night I was driving home on a two lane highway. As I hit the home stretch, in the "fast lane" driving about 75 mph, I saw a vehical coming up behind me. There was a car on my immediet right, so I could either speed up, faster than I care to go when I have a high rollover point and I am on a bridge (people fly off that bridge too often) or I can slow down...oops! car is right behind me. actually, it's a truck, all I can see is headlights in my rearview. Now, my car is high enough that if a 'vette pulls up too close behind me in the dark, it is below my line of site, so you can imagine how large these trucks are if all I can see is headlights. and it is so close that if I slowed down, even a fraction, they'll hit me.
It seems to me that when I come up behind a slower car on the highway, and there is nowhere for him to go to get out of my way, I reduce my speed until it is safe to pass (or just accept that I shouldn't be speeding after all). apparently this is not correct driving because this truck seemed to think that he could intimidate me into going faster. and then he was going to cut off the guy next to me to get around me. I'm finding that these ginormous vehicals think they can intimidate other drivers all the time and I am tired of it. Tailgating doesn't get you anywhere but dead in my world. matter, as a rule, cannot occupy the same place at the same time. it's all about physics. He rode my ass for a good mile. bumper to bumper.
I moved over when it was safe and off the truck went, followed by the large truck tailgating him. Funny, when I reached the light at the end of the offramp, they were both waiting at the same red light I hit.

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