Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Someone found me

by searching Latex Socks. I'm pretty sure I talked about them at some point, but what amazes me is that someone else thought of it too. My feet feel sweaty just thinking about it. eew.

In the meantime, on a more serious note, I read this article in the opinion section:,2933,171249,00.html
and I had to say, AMEN. I feel the same way.


Sensei Ern said...

I am telling you, Gina. You are welcome to join the Republican party.

I suspect the reason you are so adverse to the Republican party is from propaganda you have heard from those that would not want you as part of it.

The Christian Conservative, such as myself, are only about 5% of the Republican party.

Veriword: "gbmrp": a prolonged belch

Ginamonster said...

Nope. I prefer to make up my own mind about my political affiliations, and not allow myself to be cloistered into a group generality. It is not the Christian Conservative that keeps me from joining the Republican party, but rather the fact that many of the beliefs and policies of the party as a whole that do not fall in line with my own. While there are some things about which I am very conservative, there are just as many issues that I believe in that are very liberal. Gay Rights. The Environment. Abortion. You know, the hot topics.