Friday, October 07, 2005

Funny Meme

thank you julie.

Went to google, cuz Julie told me to. typed in "gina needs" and hit search. Here's what I got: (I deleted the lame ones)

Gina needs to change her self-talk. Here are some new ideas and beliefs ...
Most important, Gina needs to start to believe that she possesses nearly all the ...
Gina needs a man in her it you ?????? (by the way, this link takes you to
Gina needs a more extensive form of ... (therapy??)
Gina Needs Encouragement (the scary thing is, this one points to a forum I Administrate, I know this Gina!!)
Gina needs to draw herself naked (uh, no I don't. really.)
Gina needs to watch cable in her room
Gina needs to be able to reach out to him, rather than have him initiating the contact all the time (Whoa!!)
Gina needs a makeover: "I call her closet 'barnyard-wear boutique.' I want to see her go from the hillbilly look to... (WHOA!!)
Gina needs a severe reprimand for having done what she did, but she certainly
didn't fabricate a story out of thin air...(hey!)
Gina needs a new job (no I don't!)
Gina Needs: Face:Brow Lift Liposuction: Cheeks, Chin Fotofacials Body: Breast (HEY! I like me the way I am. well, maybe my skin could clear up...)
Hey Gas Buddies.....Gina needs a hug and some encouragement! (HAHAHAHAHA!)

I think this was the most fun meme so far!


jen said...

Jen needs some help
Jen needs a break

LOL That was funny. I will do it again when I have more time to hit more than the first page. :)

Sensei Ern said...

I did Ernie needs and all I got was Ernie from Sesame Street.

Veriword: "cirgupgi": a Pakistani three-ring circus.