Friday, October 14, 2005

Other people's opinions

I have guilt.

a friend of mine used to work with me. I have known her former boss for many years and have always liked him. However, he is the reason she sought other employment. All of her talk of how badly he treated her helped me to develop an aversion to the man.

So Yesterday, I meet him in the hall. And he says to me, "Hello, my friend" but quietly, like he was afraid to tell me he thinks of me as a friend. And my heart melted. Because while I have never been rude, in my mind, and in the slight changes in attitude I have exhibited, I have not been a very good friend to this man who, I don't really think has very many friends.

And I was admonished for not remembering that there are two sides to every story, and that other people's opinions should not affect my own. That it is important to me to be kind to everyone (within reason)because I know how much every little kindness means to me and uplifts my day. So I appriciate the lesson, because I think it was the universe talking to me through my friend. And every time I start to be snobby based on the stories of someone else, I hope that I hear this man, in his shy little voice say to me, "Hello, my friend" and put me back in my place.


Codename Maverick said...

My opinion of you has changed since your last entry about the $.99 porn thing..but you know what? You are a good person, really. I like you. Keep up the good vibes.

Codename Maverick said...

Hey, you know I was kidding about the $.99 porn thing, right?

Ginamonster said...

You just never know what I will come up with so really? I wasn't offended at all. Actually, having read your blog, I can see how funny you found it after all!