Thursday, October 13, 2005

Dear New Project Manager,

I would like you to know that I have the utmost faith in my bossed to hire intellegent, knowlegable people. I do not need you to tell me you are astute. With the exception of your sleeping office mate, the people here are excellent at what they do. So please stop telling me that you are smart. Meanwhile, I controlledmyself nicely this time, but if you try flirting with me again, I might have to lean over my dutch door and puke on your shoes. Telling me you came over to see my smile will not make me swoon. By the way, yesterday, your office smelled like rotton tomatoes.


Sensei Ern said...

Gina, a line from Dolly Parton from the movie, "9 to 5" is ablsolutely fitting.

"My late ex-husband gave me a .357, which I carry in my handbag. If you ever make another move on me, I will introduce it to you pecker."

Or, if he says, "I just came over to see your smile." Politely respond, "Sorry, I am all out."

Or, go to a bar and ask some big biker dude to beat the crap out of him.

sitaed: pass tense of sita which means to offer a date to the biggest baddest biker who will beat the crap out of a project manager

Ginamonster said...

Eh, I do worse. after he leaves, we all go behind the bookcases and make fun of him. My poor boss will never date again.

utrfrpas: A feminine issue that is too nasty to discuss in polite comany