Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Creepy? maybe. Baloney? Likely.

One of the things I like to do when I should be working (other than blogging and chatting with T who seems to be too busy to chat today) is to look up haunted items on ebay. Sometimes I find really cool scary stuff, sometimes it's obvious crap. Like blogging, there are some people, I think who put stuff on ebay just to hear themselves speak. At least, that's why I blog. I have to get this stuff out of my head! and if I can amuse you with it, I've scored big time!

So today I was noticing a lot of jewelry. And much of it is advertised as being haunted because it belonged to a witch. or a gypsy. or better, a gypsy witch from romainia (or somewhere exotic like that). So what I have to wonder is, since I have been a witch for many years, and a psychic all my life. (no, I don't think I have mentioned this before, it's a touchy subject) Are the belongings that I have given away over the years haunted too? They should be if these postings are correct. When I die, will the earrings I wear every day, which I made (that seems to make things even more powerful) going to end up on ebay touting special powers? Because I don't believe that my belongings have anything special to them unless I have charged them that way. My favorite bracelet is not going to bring you luck. My stuffed animals will not talk to you.

Yes, I believe that there are some items that have otherworldly inhabitants. I believe that dolls are often haunted because they resemble humans and would be easy to attach to based on a familliar shape. I also believe that energy attaches itself to objects, often jewelry, leaving an inprint. And much can be learned from these objects by someone who is sensitive enough to read the imprints. But the same could be said for a hairbrush. Using my hairbrush will not make your hair grow long, blonde, or curly. Please don't borrow my hairbrush, I don't want critters.

I guess the place where my rant lies is that people play the unknown and exotic card to make money and it makes me angry. I feel like they are preying on the ignorance of others. Yes. People are gullible. and there are many who would assume that my religeous nature makes me evil, and therefore anything I own would carry that evil imprint. Or, because of the magical nature of my life, that anything I touch, make, or own would be magical too. I think I could sell a lot of my jewelry by advertising that way. But I think it's wrong. Really, I'm just a human being. a sensitive one. one that has chosen a path of faith that is different from the mainstream. And I group my witchy bretheren in the same group with me. I cannot stop those people from trying to make a buck. but it sure doesn't help to educate the public that we are just regular folk too.


Sensei Ern said...

As you know, I am a Christian and all of my religious instruction comes from the Bible.

It is true that in the Old Testament, witches were to be killed. This is not the case in the New Testament.

The reason for the change was that the Old Testament dealt specifically with the Jews as a nation dedicated to establishing a worldly kingdom that was run by God. The New Testament is to establish a spiritual kingdom that is within Christians collectively.

The way to deal with anyone not a Christian in today's world is not by oppression (which of course took place, not because of Christianity, but rather a false religion that had the form of godliness that was run by unbiblical traditions rather than the actual teachings of God's Word). But, rather, the proper way to deal with witches or any other religion is to present the facts and through logical discussion allow the individual to either accept or deny the presentation of Christianity.

I am sorry that so many misguided, over zealous people who claim the name Christian are oppressive. I am sorry, but I cannot apologize as I am not the guilty party, just as I can be sorry that my brother is a drug dealer and I cannot apologize for him. He has to do that.

Man, I hope that wasn't too much.

Now, back to the topic...Since I do accept the Bible as my guide for all things spiritual, I look to its instruction of possession by spirits.

The Bible shows that objects can have special attributes...Moses' staff turned to a snake, Aaron's rod bllomed flowers...nowhere that I have found is an inanimate object ever possessed by anyone nor any spiritual being.

It does tell how people have been possessed by demons and how animals have been possesed by demons. The Bible also tells how that when people die, their spirit and soul are before God and are judged. Thus, once the body dies, the soul does not linger, but rather faces the judgement of God.

Your jewelry, and any found on eBay are just jewelry.

The Apostle Paul taught that as CHristians, we are free to use whatever we need in this world to live life, with one exception. The Bible teaches that if somoene tells us that something is dedicated to the ungodly (by that, I mean purposely used to defy God), Christians are to avoid those things.

The example Paul used was eating food. Paul taught that it is ok to eat food given to us by unbelievers. However, if the giver told us that it was food dedicated to another god, we are to politely refuse it. This was not because it was necessarily evil, but that it might influence a less strong Christian that other ungodly practices are ok.

GM, I hope that you did not mind my preaching. The main message is not intended to prosilitize, but rather clarify an often misunderstood position that is more misunderstood by misguided Christians.

Veriword: "ykseeyuu": A warning given to children who think a yak dressed in red and carrying a sack full of yak butter will only visit good little children at Christmas

Ginamonster said...

Tell that to my high school friends who once came to me, very concerned because they think I'm a great person and it really upsets them that I am going to hell.

Or the supreme court justice that just decided that it was ok for a town in PA to decide that a Wiccan Priestess could not hold the opening prayer at thier counsil meetings, in favor of a more "mainstream" religion.

Or the government, who keeps losing the petitions and miring the case in red tape to get the Pentical etched on the graves of fallen wiccan soldiers.

I know it isn't you. And you know that I value your opinion and enjoy our conversations on religion.

But the people pushing for a national religion, the ones who insist that we are a christian country (both pagans and christians will argue that the country was founded on their values. Both make a valid point. I'm just glad it was founded) The ones who want to pretend as if the only way is thier way. There are many who twist the word of Christ and the Bible to mean what they want it to mean. Those people make me mad. But that's another rant.

Meanwhile, I agree with you that an object is an object. But I believe that some objects can be "charged" for specific reasons. But I also believe that charging a bracelet to bring luck or love to whomever purchases it is abomidable in that it puts a price on magic and the devine. If you want a protection charm, I will give you one. free. just for you. you know? none of this ebay nonsense. I really think those people are preying on the stupid and the desperate. But I'm not blaming christians for that. pagans are just as, if not more guilty, because we are supposed to know better.

jfcyt: the act of selling god for money

Sensei Ern said...

I can understand why people want to make rules that go against wiccan ideas. But, as you and I have discussed, on many things we can agree that they are the desired outcome.

Religious rule is something I am just as scary about as you are. I don't want a Catholic controlled government and I don't want Catholics writing laws that are based on what the Pope dictates.

By the way, until about twenty years ago, Catholics were not grouped with Christians. You would often hear quotes like, "Both Catholics and Christians are against abortion..."

Oh, and the abortion issue. It isn't because I am for telling women what to do. I am for everyone having the freedom to enjoy life and establish their own destiny and place in history and no one has the right to stand in their way, unless it violates another's right to pursue the same thing. For me, that includes the unborn child's freedom to mature, be born and make their own mark in life.

Gina, can you tell me when was the last time a person in the United States was tried simply for being a witch or warlock? When answering that, exclude anyone who may have been a practicing witch and were charged with the violation of another law, such as smoking of controlled substances, even if it were claimed to be part of their religious practice. Also, do not include kangaroo courts that are obvious abuse of power, such as KKK-sponsored judges in the south. Also, Christians praying in these kinds of ceremonies are forbidden to mention the name of Jesus, so we need to examine those more closely. I mean major felony charges, not lesser issues like being able to pray.

To my knowledge, the last time a legitimate trial found someone guilty of being a witch and demanded severe punishment was the Salem witch trials...100+ years prior to the Declaration of Independence. Not many people are aware that in those trials, Baptists were tried simply because they refused to accept some misguided doctrine of the local judiciary.

Now, on the going to hell part. I have stated that before. Anyone who does not accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and God are going to hell. You know I believe that.

I also believe that you and everyone else have the right to pursue life in the way you want. With that pursuit, we each have to answer in the end, and so far, other than Enoch and Elijah, death is a 100% destiny of everyone of us.

The people who get upset that you reject Jesus Christ and that you are going to hell as a result only get upset because they believe, as I do, that you are missing out on one fo the greatest blessings a person can experience. Also, they love you and do not want to see you harmed in an eternal way.

Have you ever had a premonition where you have seen harm coming to a Christian friend? Have you told them of the danger, and they dismissed it because you are a wiccan? How did or would it make you feel?

They are confident of the realness of hell and the eternal danger it poses to you. Take the frustration you would have about an imminent temporal danger and multiply it times infinity. Then, you can understand their frustration.

bbqaq: a duckling

Ginamonster said...

One of the marvelous things about claiming myself as a religious witch is that there is no central authority telling me what to do. The bad thing is that the many people have a difficult time accepting a faith that has no central autority beyond god. paradox.
It is not for me to tell anyoe what to do with thier abilities, or with the objects they make and sell. I don't have to like it, I don't have to agree with it, but I don't think they should be told they can't. that is betewwn them and god. if they are tricking people, I have to trust that karma will take care of it somehow.
I still group Catholics and Christians separate. Christians do not recognise the Pope as God's authority on earth, but apparently, you can be a Catholic Christian, which means that you are raised Catholic but accept Jesus as your savior.
I can appriciate your stance on abortion. My beliefs say that you should Harm None, and having seen what abortion does to the heart of the mother, I know I wouldn't be able to do it. But I respect that other women have to make that choice for themselves. And I would rather that choice be made in a doctor's office, with sterile instruments and anesthetic.
The answer to your question is I don't know. As for prayer, it is such a private thing, I think that out of respect for everyone, we would be best served with a moment of silence to observe our own privalte beliefs than an out loud prayer at a government function. I don't really understand the need to pray all over the place all the time (I was baffled by the Christian Club at schoool) but my connection with the devine is so deeply personal, that I would prefer to be quiet aout it unles I am in a discussion. I believe that God, or Jesus, if you prefer, hears you whether you speak out loud or not.
The Salem Witch Trials had mor to do with politics than witchery. Actually, the buringin times had very little to do with the true craft, and more to do with the persecution of old ladies, or anyone who pissed someone off. Sad. I don't think we are being persecuted, just not as recognised or respected. Sometimes, there are very good reasons for that, sometimes not. I'll never forget goig to boy scout camp (I was an explorer) and having someone from another troop ask if they could burn me at the stake. I now know that if I had wanted to make an issue of it (at the time I was just shocked. It was my best friend who had pushed me out of the broom closet on that trip without thinking)Boy Scouts would not have stood behind me. I understand that better now than I would have then because I didn't know they are a Christian Organization. But that's another rant too. Things like that happen all the time. Just as pagans bash christians all the time. I think we lose track of the fact that it is god that is important.
As for the rest, I don't let on about my faith very often, and I don't usually have premonitions. Don't think that I don't appriciate thier concern, or that I don't recognise that that concern is very real for them. But since I do not adhere to your beliefs, it is difficult for me to grasp how the fat eof my sould is concern for anyone but myself and god. But this is an arguement we could have all day because while I accept the validity of your faith, you do not recognise the substance and truths I see in mine. And that is where religious argument starts.

Codename Maverick said...

Wow, a blog within a blog. You guys don't mess around. Anyway, I found your "debate" very informative. Both of you make significant comments and take interesting stands. I've studied religion in college (did a paper on "How Organized Religion Makes Devils Of Us All: God Sends His Email To My Heart." (Spring 2000). As a Tibetan Buddhist, I find that people are often confused by my writings or discussions because I "sound" very "Christianly" despite not actually be a Christian. I think the key here is to promote tolerance between all faiths. And if witchcraft or wicca or Lord of the Rings is a form of religion that helps people prosper and get on with their lives then I think it shouldn't be censored or repressed. Buddhism in general doesn't advocate "recruiting" or spreading a gospel. No one is forced or tricked into entering its doors and no one is pursued or rejected for leaving. Religion really is a "personal experience," and that's where state (government) and organizations (churches, Vatican, etc) become restrictive and intolerant. So I guess I'm taking the long way home to my point by really saying "Live and let live." I'm personally not intimidated or frightened by Wiccans, Satanists, shamans, and Catholics. If anything, I try to understand the differences rather than pass judgment.