Friday, October 21, 2005


Went to the sporting goods store to peek at the shoe salesman, but since all the men in the shoe department were brown, I don't think he was there (My mom said he was a blonde)

My nail lady renamed my mom "Chuck" as in Woolery. I will now be referring to my mother as Chuck. she doesn't know that yet.

My fingernails glow in the dark. Very cool when I am showing people, not so cool when I am trying to go to sleep and there are apparently disembodied fingernails in bed with me. My coworker did point out, though, that this could make for an interesting evening if I had a boyfriend. but since I don't, and I'm not likely to have one before my two weeks with this color is up, I guess we just won't know.


jen said...

I want glow in the dark nails!! Is it just a top coat? oooh! Details !

Ginamonster said...

It's the polish. Light pink in the light, glows in the dark! I don't know where to get it.

jen said...

Boo! I want it!! Off on a mission later! lol