Monday, April 04, 2005

Oh my goodness!

Call me a dork (everyone else does!) but it made my day to see that I had a comment from Snozzberrylicious Cate who I read at least once a day. Between Her Snozzberries, and Callie's Spinsterhood, I don't know how I ever survived before blogs. I think I might be sick.

I had a wonderful time in LA this weekend. I didn't get discovered (again) but you never know about next time. We stayed in Burbank so I got to see all sorts of studios. here are my observations based on the reality versus what you see on TV.

Disney: Wow, look! Disney Studios! It would be very cool if I saw Hilary Duff. My roomate would be SOOO jealous. I would want to get her an autograph. (I won't detail the continued thoughts on how cool I think Hilary is or how much of a fan is my roomate)

NBC/CBS: hey look! it's NBC/CBS!!

Nickelodean: (spelling?) Hey look...Sure looks empty and kind of run down. apparently, when they show it on TV, they actually use the Florida location. The LA locatio does not have slime dripping or large colorful signs, or kids everywhere like I thought it would. but it did have a few random charactors on the roof.

Cartoon Network: hey get the point. This was a large, kinda drab building. the sign was embossed concrete into the building, it wasn't even in black and white. quite frankly, I think it is more exciting to look at the gocery store.

Studios aside, I had a wonderful time and spent great, quality time with my brother who was my whole reason for going. He's a good kid. needs to ditch the girlfriend though. she is definately not cute enough to treat anyone the way she treats him and, definately did not make any points with me on account that she couldn't drag her lazy ass out of bed to meet me. we wouldn't have even gotten to her house until 11am. but she was way too tired. she gave him a ration of bitch on his birthday too, which, I don't think PMS is an excuse. Sorry. ooh. I get cranky just thinking about it.

Missed BF terribly. looking forward to seeing him tonight.

And now, because I have decided that my Blog replaces psychiatry for me, the first installment of "How men have rejected me and therefore I am terribly insecure"

JD was my first kiss. The son of my mom's friend, they thought it would be great if we liked each other. He went with me to my homecoming dance, but I was just not ready to be kissed. Scared (I was a late bloomer). Fast forward a year, and I move into his neighborhood. We reconnect. Our parents leave us home alone for an evening, and smoochy smoochy! He comes over another night to help me babysit. more smoochy smoochy. We lay on my bed (I shared a room with my mom, there was no monkey business) I lean in for kisses and he asks why I am kissing him. (um, because I thought we liked each other???) I back off in shock. couple of weeks later, he attends a family outing with me. He's mean to me all day, and when I leaned in for a goodnight kiss, he flat out refused. said I was wearing too much lipstick. Hurt, I headed back to my dad's truck where I checked the lipstick levels. none. I never called him again. I guess I was smarter back then.

Tomorrow we will fast forward about 4 years to "D". This will skip any boy who showed interest then lost it when they got to know me, and even the traumas of "W", my biggest high school crush and the trauma that was "B", the one who said he's call, then didn't. I waited 10 months for the phone to ring on that one. Not sure when I turned into a typical female when it comes to men, but I know it happened sometime in High School.

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