Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The way I really feel about it.

Why in the world do people send me blonde jokes?

I'm a natural blonde. I am also an intelligent woman. Sure, I have my dingy times, but usually it's because there aren't enough intelligent people around me to keep my brain occupied with fascinating insight so I sink to their level and spend hours discussing my boobs instead. Not that my boobs aren't fascinating.

Or I haven't eaten. That makes me dingy too.

So today I received several pages of blonde jokes sent to my work email from a friend of mine who I adore, but I think she doesn't realize that she's insulting my intelligence, and that of every other blonde when she perpetuates the outdated thought that women with blonde hair wander about in a delirious state of contented ignorance shopping and fucking any man who tricks her into bed.

If this really were the case, I would have been way more popular in high school.

And you thought they were just funny. You may have even thought we blondes didn't get it. This one does. And really, they aren't.

PS speaking of my boobs, spell check does not recognize "boobs" but you can replace it with "boobies" hee hee hee.

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