Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Big Paranoid Idiot

BF has lots of work coming up in May and cannot plan anything during that time.

He was just super busy yesterday.

He says i don't need to be paranoid. I'm an idiot. My baggage appears to be stuck to the back of my head with velcro.

This is funny though (at least to me), In Best Buy the other night and we passed by a copy of Bridget Jones, The Edge of Reason. Now, I am a huge fan of Bridgette. I think she is me. only English and on TV. People even tell me I look like Renee. Not just people I know, I mean that people stop me in the grocery to tell me I look like Renee. Not Skinny Renee. No, apparently I resemble strongly, Renee in all her Boobalicious Bridgette Glory. I happened to mention to BF that I would be picking up a copy at some point but that I wouldn't make him watch it. He's not a girly movie kind of fellow. Turns out, that Renee is on his list of actresses he just doesn't like. I mentioned that I feel that way about J-Lo and Britney (not that she's really an actress, but she was in that movie). I did not mention the public's overwealming opinion that I look just like Renee. Let him hear that from someone else.

Then again, I may have grown a bit too round to be Renee, even when she's got some meat on her bones. Working on that, although it's Wednesday, and cappichino (I know, spelling. get over it) helps keep me from falling asleep during my meetings. Be proud of me though. I have not had any soda, cappichino (at least I spell it incorrectly the same way each time), or Tea with Honey and half n half this week. Well, I'll have cappichino today. but that's all for the week, I swear.

In other exciting news, Bubbly Creations is officially registered with the County of San Diego. Hooray! Moving right along!

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