Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ear Wax

The conversation went like this:

(as I scooped out some lip balm)

Boss: eew.
me: what?
Boss: don't put that on your lips! (this is the same man who tells me that chicken poop is great for chapped lips, because if you smear it on there, you won't lick them)
Boss:that's not lip balm
me:yes it is, you gave it to me (only sounds sick, he sent his daughter, who is my age out for holiday gifts one year. she did a great job!!)
Boss:yeah, but it's not lip balm, it's ear wax. (think vanilla sugar flavor from bath and body works) horse ear wax. I replaced it in there. picked out all the hairs. and the tick legs.

at which point I got really grossed out, he laughed, and wandered away.


that's all I have for now.

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