Wednesday, April 27, 2005

More Rants!

And some other good stuff. I'll start with the rant.

Chain letters. I know we are all a little superstitions, no matter what we say. I recieve some rather inspirational emails. I'd rather not, but some of them are very nice or have nice stories. Some don't. I got one this morning. It was a poem about an abused child. At the end of the very sad poem, the forward warned that you had better pass it on. basically that if you don't forward it to your friends and depress the crap out of them, you hate children and support child abuse. WTF??? Or the one about the little girl who was kidnapped yesterday, here's her picture, and (insert favorite store here) has promised to donate a penny for every time it circles the globe. we won't mention that the same little girl's picture has been circulating fort he last 3 years or more. The other one that got me today was the one full of inspirational life tips that came from Anthony Robbins (supposedly, although I have seen many of thise same tips attributed to the Dalai Lama) that told me that if I didn't send it to (insert pyramid amount of friends, the more the better type crap) friends, my life will turn to shit.
I love my life at the moment. I couldn't ask for more, although I will always accept more blessings. But I really don't think blessings are given according to whether or not you pass along God's word in an email. Deleting emails does not make me a bad Christian. The fact that I am Wiccan makes me a bad Christian. and my interpretation of the "god" does not punish for trivial things like emails. But that is a whole other rant. maybe another day.

Meanwhile, BF's office mate has requested that he run with her in the morning as part of this weightloss thing. He asked if his "girlfriend could come along". I was elated (quietly) because I do believe that this was the first tie he has referred to me as his girlfriend in my presence, which means that I can feel free to call him my boyfriend all I want, and I realize that it is awfully long into our relationship to be having these insecurities, but hey, I have to live life at my own pace. Unfortunately, she called at 4:45 am (I jumped out of bed) to cancel. I was proud ofmyself for getting up, BF sent me back to bed. Maybe another day. Maybe I'll get around to some hoopin or dancing tonight. Guess we'll see.

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