Friday, April 15, 2005

Still Gripeing

I just riled myself up again filling BF in on the tales of last night in my household.

Add the following items to the list of liquids that I bought and didn't have time to consume before someone else did. Still no replacements...Soy Milk (I thought this would be safe since I'm the only one in the house who doesn't like to drink cow milk), Laundry Soap. (I had to go to the store last night and buy some because, well, my clothes are starting to stink!not really, but my room is a mess. BF can't get to his side of the bed.Having BF I my bed is important.)I did get to the bottom of who is doing the consuming. I have a feeling I will be running out of shredded wheat soon. I didn't open the box. At least the mouse is keeping out of my Girl Scout cookies. I think. I have so many boxes, I don't know how many have been consumed!

Downloaded the docs I need to get my business off the ground, or at least launched. Opening a business in San Diego is a pain in the ass!

Here's a visual that will gross you out.(thank my boss) interveiniously injected omlettes. the visualization of all that egg coming out of a syringe makes my cholesterol stand on end. blah.

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Jennyko said...

Hey!! What business? Do tell!!