Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I had an idea

For a fantasticly interesting post about something, yesterday, but now I can't remember what it was. I can only hope that it will return to me before the end of the day so that I can share it with whomever might possibly be reading.
I would like to be able to post more fun stuff (like pictues) but my home computer is not up, and when I do get it up (hee hee. had to)
I will still need to get internet because I refuse to give in to AOL with their free 40 hours of usage and constant barrage of CD's in the mail, the grocery, everywhere you look. I think they are sneaking into my house and putting them in my underwear drawer at night! There is no escape! I would actually like to know if there is anyone out there protesting the amount of garbage AOL creates by sending a new and improved CD program to everyone in the US, sometimes twice. (I recieved one yesterday in my "you've moved" package from the post office) Sure, the cases are recyclable if you send CDs, and if you are artsy, you can make neat mobiles and art out of the CD's, but in all honesty, who really does those things? and how many CD mobiles and wall hangings do we need? if they didn't have holes in them, I'd say make coasters out of them. come to think of it, I might anyway. that way, if you lose them or use them as frizbees, you know there will be a replacement in the mail in a few days. Ooh! I've been inspired! Look out world, I'm taking over! with coasters!
Everything gets protested in America. If you are not boycotting something, you must be Unamerican. I tried to boycott the electric company back in the rolling blackout days (and now we all know what that was all about!!) but my roomates wouldn't go for it. they thought they NEEDED electricity. whatever.
BF feels better! yay!
I'm moving forward with the startup of my company! yay! I'm hoping for a September launch. We're looking for names. I will have to add coasters to my product line.

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