Monday, April 18, 2005

I love stats!

So, thanks to Luckyspinster, I now can view my stats and I learned that A) people really are visiting my blog! wow! I feel famous. ok not really. and B) someone web searched "boobs" and found me. hee hee.

Bought a fun new toy. I'm not even a Star Wars fan. but I do like Mr Potato Head so I had to have it. One to play with, and one to leave in the box. BF thinks I'm strange but admits that he would have bought one too. He now lives on my mantle.

Had a great weekend, and had what I have decribed as my "perfect date" on Saturday. There were a lot more people there than I was thinking, but I guess I never specified that we had to be alone... Went to the beach (ow, sunburned my chi chis, just when my curling iron burn faded away...) hung out all day and ate sandwiches, he taught me to play cribbage (also not part of the daydream, but hey! finally a man who will go to the beach with me!!) Then home to watch rented movies all evening. It was really nice.

Went to go see Amityville Horror on Friday. It was pretty good. Ryan Reynolds is HOT. He may be my new celebrity crush. It wasn't as scary as The Grudge (still can't see it again, but I can look at the video box without turning away now. It still gives me goose bumps though) and you could tell where Hollywood added thier two cents to the story, but it was scary enough that I had to bury my face in BF's shoulder once or twice.

Tried to watch Sideways. BORING!! turned it off. BF added it to my list of bad movies, which is fustrating because I only picked it because I thought he wanted to see it. We plugged in A tale of Two Sisters next. Japanese horror flick, kinda confusing, but not a waste of time.

That's all for now.

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