Monday, April 25, 2005

Teleportation wormholes

Are what you get when you are trying to have a converstation with two men who have sniffed way too much laquer thinner. Having inhaled quite a bit (work only, I'm not the huffing sort!) I can say, it really does kill brain cells. I sure miss the cabinet shop.

So I am quite depressed today, not because I didn't have a fantabulous weekend, but because one movie put me in a funk. A reasonable funk this time.

Went bowling with my parents Friday. Fun! Snoozed will 10 on Saturday. Saturday night with BF. All day at the hot springs Sunday (my skin feels so nice!!) Sunday night MORE time with BF. hee hee.

We watched Hotel Rwanda. End fun and games. I'm really depressed. I am ashamed to be human at the moment. So much senseless killing. So much disregard for human life. I am ashamed that I never knew it was happening. Next time I hear someone bitching about America, I think I'll tell them to try living in Rwanda. We have no idea what suffering is. And we son't seem to care about the suffering of others unless there's something in it for us (read: oil). I don't know what would be better, to remain ingnorant for my own peace of mind, or be aware and continue to dream of death and dying. The part I remember most about my dreams last night was a large pool of water, filled with corpses. and the bad guys, whoever they were threw a bunch of kids in there to swim. When the kids found the bodies, the screamed. I wanted to get them out, I knew they had been put in there to die.

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