Monday, September 19, 2005

a sad moment in my day

This could be my sister. Damnit Daddy, in all your selfishness, you just don't care how much you hurt us by disappearing. How could you think that we wouldn't notice? That we wouldn't care? How could you think we don't need you?


Sargini said...

maybe your mom made it imposible for him to be part of your lives? maybe he is an asshole. I do know this, because i am a dad. he is hurting right now more than you...
dont be angry sweetheart have mercy on your dad. he is going thru a living hell not to know the wonderful you. I would be proud to have such a fun loving duaghter like you.

Sensei Ern said...

Some dads are jerks. Dr. Laura doesn't refer to these kind of men as dads. She calls them "sperm donors". My granddaughter's biological father is one. He tried to kill my granddaughter while she was forming, by kicking my daughter while she was pregnant.

I don't dis him around my granddaughter, but my daughter knows exactly how I feel.

My dad left us when I was 5. He tried to keep in touch, but his new wife made him feel like crap whenever he did. He and I have since reconciled but since he really wasn't around for most of my life, he really isn't that much to me. I love him, but I really have more connection to my friends than I do him.

Today's Veriword: "vsgvwbv": a homeless Norwegian window washer. Used in a sentence: No,, vsgvwbv, I do not need my windshiled cleaned, now get off the car.

Ginamonster said...

My mom made it very easy for him to see us. As an adult, I made it easy for him to see me. All he had to do was be home on Thursday nights. He couldn't seem to do that. Now he has chosen to be gone completely. I have no mercy left. He frequents my workplace. I have a private extension. he could call for free AND see me without going out of his way. He was a dad once. that makes it harder. sometimes my upset over him spills out. I don't know where he lives, I don't know if he is taking care of himself, I don't know if he is alive. He has abandoned us completely. I have a right to be angry.