Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Happy Birthday to Me!!

I woke up this morning feeling better than I have in a very long time. I was finally happy about my birthday. There was a singing message on my voice mail at work, and everyone liked the cupcakes I brought. AND I now have TWO bouquets of flowers, one from the Bug Guy, and one from my mom's department. she's got the florists. (she works here too). And lots of good smellies from Bath and Body Works, which I love (I'm really trying to switch over to my own products...oh well, a gift is a gift and I know not to look a gift horse in the mouth. I had to ask if I smell badly though). and some of the girls are taking me to lunch. I'm spoiled. rotton.

I worked through a pretty big funk last night and I am feeling good about it. My feelings got hurt yesterday when T told me there was no need to make his best friend's incomming kid a quilt. I couldn't figure out why I was so depressed. But, I don't think he understands how much it mens to me to be able to give a handmade gift like that. In my culture, in my family, we make things. and when a baby is born, we show our love my making a blanket. But guys don't think that way and I need to not be sensitive about it. I'm sure Amy (baby's mama) would kick his ass for it, so unless I hear otherwse, there will be no blanket for Kai, and no email telling T what a big idiot he is. my feelings are still hurt though. I'll get over it.

I was thinking about it in the shower last night, and I know I don't paint a very positive picture of my family. I know that the good stories are about depression and suicide, drug habits, abuse, and all that. and it sounds really awful. But the majority of my family are wonderful, law abiding citizens. we love and cherish each other. Unlike many of the stories that I hear about family gatherings, ours are fun, joyful occations. We support each other through the tough times, and congradulate each other through the good times. We are, generally, all that I think a family should be. Like they said in Lilo and Stitch, "broken, but still good". So today, I wish to honor my family for all the support and love I have recieved from them all these years. They have never judged me, they have always encouraged me to grow to my full potential, and they have always loved me, just as I am. I know they aren't reading this, because they don't know about it. But you are.