Friday, September 09, 2005

It's going to be a bloggeriffic day

I had a nice time last night. I did not go home mopey. Actually, I didn't even make myself cute to go, I threw on some comfy clothes, complete with ancient T shirt, did not powder my nose, and figured, eh, why bother?
Learned that T once sported the traditional Canadian Hockey Player Mullet (sadly, he thinks all pictures were destroyed) and the MXC is the most hilarious show I think I have ever seen on TV. From the naughty terminology to the painful falls, to the cheezy names (one host is named Captain Tenille) I could have stayed there and watched that show all night. unfortunately for me, TV watching is the only thing that would have been going on all night, but today, unlike two days ago, I'm ok with that. I'm getting very tired of my mood swings. I feel like a broken record.

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