Thursday, September 29, 2005

Between a rock and a hard space

So, Bug Guy asked me to come out and celebrate his divorce and his new home tomorrow night. He asked several months ago and since I didn't want to keep dodging his events, I agreed to go. But I said I wasn't drinking, which put me in the position od designated driver.
Now, I really don't want to go. I really don't feel into the drinking and partying scene these days. I don't want to go to clubs downtown, I don't want to hit North County for dinner. I really just want to stay at home and relax. Out east where I belong. I want to sew thigs for my pregnant friends and watch sappy romantic comedys on TV.
I have no way out because I promised. I'll be stuck out until late becasue I am driving. I need to learn not to be nice anymore.


Sensei Ern said...

Well, you promised and your character is worth a little lack of sleep and missing a laugh-tracked sitcom.

But, there is nothing wrong with having fun...

Every two miles, tell your drunk friends you need $10 to fill the tank with gas. By the time they get home, you will be making limo wages. Also, drop them off at a house that looks like theirs, but is actually two houses down. Then, use the gas money to bail them out the next day when they are arrested for breaking and entering.

Veriword: "fxpvx": a spell cast to repair urinal cakes

Ginamonster said...

which is why I have not cancelled out of it. No sitcoms though. Idon't have cable.