Monday, September 19, 2005

My Weekend

Had a surreal moment when Ex-C's mom asked me how my love life was going (she had ordered some soap and I needed to call about her order. We always liked each other.)

Realized I am an asshole when I found my lye jar. I had already bought a new one. I apologised to my roomates. They laughed at me.

Spa and Casino time with my mom and sister. The thing I remember most about the spa was that the restroom stalls were nice and big. And they had very high quality toilet paper. I think a woman designed them. The Casino restraunt had fresh noodles. I ate too many because they were so yummy. there was a funny haired man at the dance club. the way he danced...well his arms, torso, and legs moved independant of each other. we just stood there and laughed. Someday, if I can ever get video on here, I will do his dance for you.

New Term: Muffin Tops. Those over the pants bulges women get when their waist band is tighter than their waist or hip size. it's an alarming epidemic. Muffin tops should be avoided or hidden accordingly.

Found a way cool rock place/tourmaline mine with my mom. we bought rocks. I would like to return there. Girl roomie and I shared the job of cleaning out the fridge. It no longer stinks. YAY!

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