Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I thought I would try it

So I looked up my 23rd post, 5th sentence, and here it was:

"I will also miss his company."

Lovely. I hope all is well for E. he tends towards a dramatic life. I could look up his blog, but that's a bad idea still, I think.

Keeping with the theme of things I thought I would try, T and I went to the tourmaline mine on Saturday and we mined for, well, tourmaline, which was way cool, for me but a little difficult for him since he is colorblind and they kept telling us to look for "blue, pink, black, or green" he found a lot of black. But I knew I would like that so it wasn't a stretch. Afterward, we headed to a Korean BBQ place. This is where I got adventuresome. I picked some kind of beef thing (which was yummy) and cold noodle soup. The waiter, tried to tell me that many americans don't like cold noodle soup (well, that sounds like a challenge to me!) and that it's like pho. Now, I love Pho. It's my favorite soup. It might even be my favorite food. So, I ordered the cold noodle soup.

out came four dishes. in them were the following to add to my soup: cabbage, seaweed, seaweed, and potato salad. the seaweed was yummy. Then the soup arrived. It had a hard boiled egg in it, which I fed to T. (I'm not a fan of eggs unless they're wrapped in a tortilla with bacon and cheeze.) The broth was mild, and, to my surprise, cold. not just cold, ice cold. in fact, there was ice floating about in my soup. It was so cold, I didn't want to eat it because it was cold. it hurt my teeth to bite the noodles. This was so not like pho. I tried to spice it up with seaweed, but that didn't help. I ate as much as I could anyway because I was raised that way. I shared some with T (be proud of me! I shared my soup, and I ate more of it after!!) he found it strange.

The moral of the story? Soup, should be hot. I will not be ordering Cold Noodle Soup again.

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