Friday, September 16, 2005

I would like to strangle my roomates.

First I wanted to stranlge my roomates (this week) because I had to take the trash can to the curb at 10:30 at night on my birthday. Please note, we don't have streetlights.

Then I wanted to strangle my roomates because my refrigerator still stinks like that mysterious thing that was in the trash. I don't think I should have to clean it because I clean the refrigerator every week and I had to deal with the trashcan. and the maggots.

But last night, I wanted to strangle my roomates because when I went to make soap, or, I should say, mix lye so I can make soap today, I discovered that my lye jar has dissappeared. and the new jar I bought so I could mix two batches at once? yeah, someone drank all the juice (I had one glass) and threw it away. But no one knows who does these things. And no one can be bothered with throwing away all the old jelly jars in the fridge, but my stuff? no problem! Yes, I know that I can go buy another one. and I will after work. I just think there is a consideration issue. and I will feel very petty if I have to start labeling my food. at least no one has chugged my Henry Weinhardt root beer. it's good stuff by the way. if you're into root beer. I like root beer.

The other reason I would like to strangle my roomate (or at least shake my finger at her)(I know boy roomie has nothing to do with this one) is that her boy has been staying over every night, which I really don't mind about, but he uses my bath towel. I know this because it's wet when I get home from work and I shower at night before bed. Also, yesterday there was a big puddle of water left on the floor. and I have to keep wiping up pubes from the side of the tub.pubes.eew.They aren't mine. and I don't think they are girl roomie's because I know that she shaves.eew. man pubes.


Sensei Ern said...

Get yourself a mini-fridge. Put a lock on it and put it in your room. Just to not raise their ire, tell them the fridge is for the soap stuff so that it wasn't in everybody's way.

That is the problem with room mates. There isn't anything you can do to change them. If you try to do something as unthoughtful as they do, they won't see the correlation. They will only think you have become a jerk.

It is incredible how expensive the cost of housing is now. I have never seen a time where 50% of my take home was spent on housing.

Ginamonster said...

There's no room in my room. At one point, I hid all the drinks I bought for parties inmy closet because boy roomate drank several cases of beer and didn't pitch in. but it only served to get stinky in my closet and tak up too much room(where did I put my shoes? I don't know!)
The soap stuff has it's very own cabinet in the kitchen.
housing costs. rediculous. I make...a lot for a single peson and I can't afford to live on my own.