Thursday, December 28, 2006

Must stop reading snarky blogs

Chris, the fellow at my other work who I have a minor crush on and who once declared me an elf prompting me to go out and buy green shoes sent me an email just now. It said:
"Are you guys heading to lunch soon?"

to which I replied:

"Would that be me and my other personalities? Or do I have a conjoined twin stuck somewhere I can't see?"

No wonder I can't score a date outside of the internet.


Chickie said...

My favorite reply to something like that - Yeah, me and the mouse in my pocket.

A good date will embrace your snarky!

Sensei Ern said...

Guys don't like funny women.

If you are at all interested in him, and want to see if something happens, you need to be simple and direct. We are too dumb to realize you are trying to be funny.

Think about it. Who are the pin-up women? Margaret Cho, or Lucy Lui? Paula Poundstone, or Paula Abdul(ok, Paula Abdul fifteen years ago) - (Secretly, I have a slight crush on Paula Poundstone, but I would take Paula Abdul first)? Jeneane Gurafalo(she loses points right off the bat because first, its hard to spell her name, and second, how can you write poetry to her when the only word that rhymes with her name is "awful"), or Jessica Simpson? Ellen Degeneres(the funny girl with the best chance), or Jessica Beale?

It is because men want you to laugh at our jokes, not make us think before laughing at yours. The reason is because, we have laughed at the wrong time enough that we have been conditioned to not laugh at anything the woman says.

sayivy: Go ahead. I dare you. say it.