Friday, December 22, 2006

I'll never doubt again.

until the next time, of course

So, anytime I have a question or want to feel like I don't have control over my destiny, I ask the Magic Pirate Head. and really? it hasn't been wrong. well, except about a few things that remain to be seen. Tonight, I finally got around to asking it about Coffee Crush. After a lot of "No way, matey" answers, it finally told me to walk the plank. So I said, fine, I'll ask a question I know the answer to, just to prove it wrong.

"Will I ever talk to Biker Bob again"

"Clear Sailing ahead"

HA! I thought, that is SO not true, he's not in my life anymore.

Tonight he walked into my store. And hung out for awhile. We made small talk. It was awkward and really quite freaked me out. partially because I really never expected to see him again, and partially because the Magic Pirate Head said I would. and then I did. Coincedence? maybe.

On the flip side, Coffee Crush and I actually had conversation over it. Because Wayne was saying all sorts of mean things. I tried to stress that it just wasn't a good match. Not a good fit. That he's a good fellow beyond his grizzled look (he has allowed his beard to grow and was wearing clothes that I wouldn't leave the house in, but I am not him, and he should be comfy in his clothing). That I am not ashamed of having dated him, we just weren't right for each other. But conversation. That's a good thing.

Wayne, of course, helped the conversation take a mildly naughty turn when it appeared that CC pointed out my boobs and asked if they were free (No, they'll cost you dinner) Sometimes I both curse and bless that man in the same breath.


Rich | Championable said...

At work, we rely on the magic eight ball. The rule, though, is that unless you ask it a question out loud, in front of others, it cannot be considered reliable. This is a my-company-specific thing, of course. I'm sure your Pirate Head has it's own Magic Rules.

I am SO leaving that last paragraph alone.

Rock on, Sister.

Sensei Ern said...

What if Biker Bob rigged a "24"-like bug in it to monitor your questions, and now manipulates your entire life through the Pirate?

Ever see the old Twilight show where William SHatner kept asking the devilhead if he could leave the malt shop and it kept telling him "no"?

nbzllal: dislexic Hezzballah

Anonymous said...

"very eligible"?
I am amused, before you wonder, it's your friend in Afghanistan. I'll be heading home soon. Well, I'll be going back to the U.S. soon. I don't think I'll ever go "home" again.
Anyhoo... Have a good xmas, or solastice or whatever holiday it is for you.

Chickie said...

Could you ask the Pirate Head what the lotto numbers are for Florida?

Ginamonster said...

Rich. The Magic Pirate head has since been wong about a couple things. Since it has, then I can only hope that it was lying when it said I will never have sex again.

Sensei. Nah. He might be an engineer, but he's a Civil one, not an electronic one. And probably,but I don't remeber it.

Tom. It will be good to have you back stateside frightening zoo employees. Home is where you make it. Not make out...well sometimes, I suppose, I can't really remember.

Chickie. I get yes or nos and the occational "Yo Ho Maybe So" no numbers. Sorry.