Friday, December 08, 2006

It went kind of like this...

I may just be bitchy today. I am the first to admit that I am dealing with an onslaught of emotions and I am unused to dealing with this many "issues" at once. (there's the T thing, which makes me ill every time I think about it which, I try NOT to think about it, but you know how that works. And tomorrows date. And lack of sleep. And a few other things that I don't really care to mention.)


(overheard)"Gina has some drawings for us?"

Hearing my name I pop up and around the corner. I see a woman I have never seen before at my door.

G "Hi"
Lady "you have some drawings for us?"
G "Who is 'us'?"(I filled 6 drawing requests today. There were several that had not been picked up, not to mention a few from days past)
Lady "I am so and so with such and such"
G "Ok, but who are the drawings for?"
Lady "So and So"
G "Ok here you go"
Lady "Nice to meet you"
G "yeah nice to meet you too. have a nice day"

After she left, I grumbled a bit at coworker. She said that she knew the lady and that it wasn't her fault, I said I had never seen her before. The reason I was grumbly? I don't like guessing games. At all. Had she come to the door and said some version of the following, I would have been all smiles.

"Hi. My name is such and such with so and so. Whozit sent me to pick up her drawings"

Another grumbly point? A request came in today for a document to be fedexed. I got everything ready and realized I only had a PO Box for the company. I called the PE. A couple of hours later she called back and said she didn't have a better address and did I call them? (it's not that I mind calling, it's that I am expected to do so when I think it is her responsibility to provide useful info about her vendors) I called. They are off on Fridays. I guess I will not be sending the document until Monday!

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