Saturday, December 02, 2006

In less serious news...

I went to a craft fair today and am pleased to report that i did very well at it. That isn't the issue here. If you have visited my website or know anything about my products, you know that one of my more popular products is "Butt Soap". I named it that because I think it's funny. That also is not the point.

Most events, I get to sit back and laugh while people dare each other to smell the Butt Soap. Some flat out refuse to sample the scent which, for the record, is Peppermint.

Today, I was talking to a girl of 17 and her younger sister

TANGENT ALERT (today was cool because I got to explain to a couple of different kids about how soap is formed in a chemical reaction caused by mixing acids and bases. They thought that was cool. I pointed out that it is a lot cooler than mixing baking soda and vinegar. I mean, I got them a little bit excited about Chemistry! score one for Gina!! ANYWAY)

and I happened to joke about how the Butt Soap does not smell like butt. We both giggled a little, but her younger sister looked me in the eye and asked, "What does butt smell like?"

It was an "oh shit" moment. After a couple of seconds of me hemming and hawing, big sister saved me by replying, "It smells like you."

whew. That was a close one.

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Gary said...

Maybe you should think up an answer, since someone may ask you that again. :)