Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Stories

Sunday, I put my tree up, but I was so wrapped up in my dramas that I needed to blog about those instead of that. So, since I am picture happy, I thought I would share it with you. I tried to rotate it so that it was upright, but for some reasonit wouldn't go.

While I was unpacking, I found this. A momento of a time when I lived in domestic bliss and was looking forward to a future with C. We bought it at Disneyland to celebrate our first Christmas living together. I remember thinking ahead to the future and how great it would be be hang it on the tree every year (Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney Princess) I considered packing it away.

I hung it anyway. Since there is no prince currently in my life, I covered his head. I know he looks like a member of the KKK, but since I think the whole thing is pretty funny, The paper stays.

There are a few things you will notice about my tree. The paper garland, I made for my first tree my first year in my own apartment. I was broke and had to use what I had available. After that, I think my trees were bigger if I had one at all, so I didn't use it. This year, since my tree is little, I put it out. (hee hee. I put out) I love paper chains. They remind me that the simple things in life can be the most decorative, the most fun. There is something white hanging to the left there the branches break. That's an angel I made out of noodles when I was in Americorps. She holds a little gold noodle tree. That was one of the gifts I gave that year. and the crowining glory...

I don't know what I did with the star that went on top of my tree, but Kermit was my first tree topper. He is always somewhere on my tree, and this year he has returned to the place of honor.

I would love to see your trees! If I don't visit your blog regularly, leave me a comment and I will go look.

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Chickie said...

Upon first glance, I mistook your sweater in the first photo for someone wearing a burkah.

The bagged prince kills me!