Friday, December 01, 2006

Domestic HNT and a mini rant

Proof that I actually do iron.

and now my mini rant.

Nothing angers me more, or hurts me more, I suppose is more accurate, than someone who makes plans with me and then breaks them. Even when there is a good reason. even when they seem remorseful. I guess it wouldn't be such an issue if it didn't happen a lot. You would think that I would be used to it. in many ways I am. I actually expected tomorrow's cancellation, even though I was looking forward to the outing. On the bright side, I now have plenty of time to tend to business before the craft fair on Saturday. on the not so bright side, when you wander around expecting people to dissapoint you, they usually do.


jootastic said...

Sweetie. There is nothing I hate more than people who disappoint me. I am a responsible person and I care a lot, and when someone doesn't give as much as I do... it feels wrong.

Sensei Ern said...

You would not like the DC area. Inviting people to go for lunch is just a nice way of saying, "I don't know what else to say."

Just today, a Greek co-worker promised to take another co-worker and me to a Greek restaurant that he says is like his place back in Greece. Instead, I am eating the same old cafeteria food. Want a celery stick that was sitting under a sneeze guard?

My policy is, if you break a date with me, I won't ask again, and I won't expect you to keep a promise again; I have 300 million other Americans that I can put trust in.

The only person this has been difficult to deal with is my wife. With my one strike, you're out policy, she failed that a long time ago, and while I forgave her, in my mind, I still know she is not the reliable person I want to be with. My hope is that it is something she will learn.

The problem is that rather than saying, "I'm sorry," and offering an explanation, she justifies it by saying I do the same thing. However, without fail, what she thinks is my promise to do something is her telling me what she expects me to do. Then, when I don't do it, she says I failed to keep a promise.

The reason I am so stringent is that character is so valuable to me. If I have promised something to someone, only God can keep me from keeping that promise. If anyone else attempts to prevent me, I will run right over them.

When someone fails to keep a promise, it tells me that something else was more important to them than I am.

The reason I write them off is that they not only have no regard for me, they have no regard for their own character. A person who cares nothing for their own self and their character cannot genuinely care for others.

I am shutting up now.

jinhott: the only way a martini is served in hell

Anonymous said...

I was one of those people who let you down. ..and trust me, everytime I browse your blog. Boy do I regret it. You are an amazing woman! That's all. :)

Ginamonster said...

Anonymous, Not sure who you are, and you likely won't check to see if I answered, but I forgive you. And you should call or write because chances are, I miss you. My information hasn't changed.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've forgiven me. And in all honesty, I miss you too. Maybe someday when I'm closer to your "new" part of the woods, I'll give you a call. In the mean time, I will keep checking in to see how your doing...
Talk to you soon. :)

Ginamonster said...

I'm sure i would like that very much