Thursday, August 04, 2005

You guys will be so proud of me!

So the stripping conversation turned into a discussion on me releasing my inner slut, who, contrary to popular belief, is a very good friend of mine, but, like I told T, is very shy and must be coaxed out. (he thinks coaxed sould be a dirty word) He expressed remorse that he never met her and suggested that he should have gotten me drunk. My reply read something like the following:

"Perhaps. But then again, I was finally feeling comfortable and secure. I still repect your decision, but perhaps you should have stuck around longer."

Point to Monster. Course, now I'm all weepy again, but I think I am hiding it well. He didn't respond to that comment. Maybe he will, likely he won't. to a comment I made in another conversation, about how I would like to be a slutty wife (you know, at home) someday but that attitude hasn't gotten me very far, he says "patience grasshopper". How do I take that from the man who's slutty wife I would like to be? Guess that means I lose my point for being strong and expressing myself. damn.


Sargini said...

I am proud of you.

Ginamonster said...

Yeah, well, it hasn't changed anything.

Sargini said...

Your on your way.