Wednesday, August 03, 2005


I had computer training all day yesterday. It was boring, but there was a bit of excitement. First a letter:

Dear guy on the Freeway,
We are flattered that you chose to stare openly at us while we were driving. I realize that my coworker is a sexy pregnant lady and that there is nothing more exciting about a woman who knits in the passenger seat, but, please keep the following in mind next time you see ladies on the road:
You were cuter with your shirt off. This is not something I say often. But really, keep your shirt on.
Men Licking thier lips is not sexy. It's gross. You are no longer cute. you are now "icky"
Don't hang out your window to stare at me longer as you drive by, you're on the freeway. In morning traffic. I'm not that cute. moron.

Then, I innocently got a muffin when we arrived. I thought it was blueberry. It was banana nut. I'm allergic to bananas. The instructor looked right at me just as I was trying to spit it out and said, "Oh, please, go ahead and eat". I nearly tripped on the way to the trash can. Then everyone watched as I dug through my purse searching for antihisimines. I took two yellow allergy/sinus pills and prayed they would work. and proceeded to drink a litre of water over the next hour. I felt really goofy and when I went to the bathroom, I discovered that my tounge had turned pink. bright pink. like something out of Willy Wonka. It really freaked out my coworkers.

Thus ends my report of interesting suff from yesterday. My tounge is no longer pink.

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