Friday, August 26, 2005

Dear Well Meaning Friends,

I don't bring up my love life lately because it is screwy. I know it is screwy. I haven't come up with a solution, and it bothers me. So When you ask me about it, and hear that it's screwy and hear me say I am working things out with myself, please don't remind me that there are plenty of fish in the sea and that I am such a wonderful person and I deserve better. I know that. but my heart doesn't. since both of you have been married and divorced several times, I know you know how much these things hurt. Please stop picking at my scapbs, I pick at them enough.

Old Friends:
If half the track team in High School thought I was cute, why in the world did you not intorduce me? i am flattered to hear that I was your second choice in girls to date if you and my best friend had broken up (don't get mad at him, readers, I am flattered to have been on the list)(I wouldn't have dated him, that would have been wrong, but he doesn't need to know that). But you see, one of the reasons High School was such an agony is that I was lonely. and because the boys didn't like me. Based on what I know now, they likely wouldn't have liked me if they knew me, but it would have been nice to know they at least thought I was cute. it's an ego thing.

Thank you.

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