Wednesday, August 17, 2005

another letter

Dear Men,

Not all men, mind you, but I'm thinking generally maybe older men.

Please do me a favor. If your nipples show through yor shirt, please wear a t shirt. or band aides. or something. Because I can't help but look when they're standing at attention and waving at me. But I don't want to look. Really. I get embarassed. Just as I would like you to look me in the eye when I speak to you, so would I like to look you in the eye. it looks (thanks for this reference, oh jootastic one) like you are smuggling tic tacs. Now I know it's warm out. but if I can suffer all day in an ill fitting bra so that you don't have to feel embarassed when I go swinging by (I do need support, they're perky, not fake!) you can layer so that i don't have to feel like a prevert staring at your chest. sheesh.


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Ginamonster said...

you are not old enough to be guilty of this sin, Captain!