Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Hair is a weapon

They were talking about rude concert goers this morning on my favorite radio show, and it reminded me of the last time I went to a club.

I was out with work people, including J, (who had recently told me he didn't think we should be involved physically until we got to know each other better, yet he had no issue with grabbing my ass all evening) we had headed to a popular club near the beach and had found a small spot where the 5(ish) of us could squeeze together and enjoy our drinks and dance a little.

Along came a group of cookie cutter girls who wanted to be where we were (who wouldn't?). The crowded into us and made it very uncomfortable for us to continue to be where we were. Since we were not on the dance floor, there was really no reason for them to be that close. We tried pushing and shoving about (we were at this point quite trapped against a railing overlooking the dance floor)but they still didn't get the hint. We girls started plotting, but nothing, short of kicking thier asses seemed likely to get rid of them.

I then had a bright idea. (I get them about once a week)

Now when I go out, I usually put up my long hair because it just gets hot when it is down and I am trying to dance. And I don't like it when my hair gets all sweaty and sticky. But this was a call to action. Down came my hair in a tumbling mass of long blondness. I started dancing, having warned my friends to look out. swinging about to make any stripper proud, my hair turned into a weapon which sent the cookie cutters running. I'm sure a few of them got a face full. They moved on to a less hairy area, and we were able to continue to enjoy our spot. (and J was able to continue his unashamed butt grabbing. I remember thinking at the time that he didn't make any sense, but it was another month or so before I gave up on him completely, and thank goodness for that!)

seems perhaps I have superhero talents after all, with my vice grip thighs (another story) and my hair whip! hmm. Maybe I could be a comic book afterall! I certainly have the geeky side! ooh! story idea! hee hee hee.

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