Thursday, August 18, 2005

Cookie Cutters. Defined

I realized during my last post that the term Cookie Cutter Girl is one that my freidns and I coined during a trip to the same club described in my last post, but on a different occation. Below is a definition of Cookie Cutter Girl

Cookie Cutter Girl (koo-kee cut-ter gurl) A flock animal between the ages of 21 and 24. (it is possible to find younger (or older, I'm sure) cookie cutters, however research has shown that they congragate around night clubs) often found with drink in hand. They can be identified easily by thier snobbish "I'm the prettiest girl here" attitude and obvious resemblance to every other cookie cutter in the club. At last sighting, cookie cutters wore short, white skirts and tank/tube tops that were ill fitting for thier body type. Cookie cutters are often unaware that thier clothes don't fit and parade around together looking for men, staring distainfully at non cookie cutters (who might be looking for men, but likely aren't finding any that are interested under the age of 40)despite the fact that thier cellulite is showing and thier beer belly fat is bulging (cellulite I can understand. Beer bellies I can't)When confronted by a cookie cutter, it is best to roll your eyes and walk away. actual confrontation is unlikely, as she will not want to break a nail or risk her hair do, which, at last sighting, is casually down but far too well maintained to show any signs of dancing or other physical exertion.

hope that helped

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