Thursday, August 25, 2005


Dear coworkers, visitors, and everyone else,

every day you ask me. every day my answer is the same. No, I don't know where Grace is. I can't even see her from here. She doesn't answer to me, doesn't check in with me, and she likely doesn't have her pocket phone. Can you see me from the door? No. You cannot see me from the door. What makes you think that I can see Grace through oak bookcases, and a wall? I'm lucky if I can hear her. If I had xray vision, I wouldn't be working in Document Control. If I was a highly developed psychic, I would not be working in Document Control. But I am not those things, so I work in Document Control. I like it here in my little corner. No one can see what I am doing. Which means I don't know what anyone else is doing either. Do I know where Grace is? NO! Do I care? Not really. now go away. I need to blog about you.

Dear Coworkers, Visitors, and everyone else,

Every day you ask Theresa. Every Day the answer is the same. Yes. I am at my desk. I'm not going to look even if I hear you talking about me because I don't really care. If you want me to poke my head up like a prairie dog, then start talking about something interesting. If you want to make sure I am at my desk when you need me (and I am ALWAYS at my desk unless I am peeing or eating)then call me before you come over. If I am peeing, I won't answer. If I am eating, I will shove my food into my cheeks and try to pretend I am not answering with a mouthfull of food. If I sound funny, then yes, I am at lunch. Don't ask me for anything, I won't remember about it between the lunch room and my desk. I am busy thinking up new and interesting things to post on my blog. So quit coming over and asking Theresa if I am here. call me and ask yourself. She's got better things to do.

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