Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Thank you

Thank you, all three of you for your wonderful insight to my last post. Your comments have helped me see this situation from a light I didn't want to consider, even though it was nagging in the back of my mind. I accept that it Sargini may be right on the money. I don't like it, I hope he's wrong (as far as T just trying to get a piece, which, I assure you he has not) but he may not be.
Since you guys have so kindly waved a sign in front of my face, I can step outsde this stuation and watch how it goes. I do think that this is a drama that will have to play itself out. I don't know how it will end. But I will do my best to hold onto my belief that fuck friends never turn out for the best (I've been burned twice by this) and that while it is possible that T and I may actully live happily ever after (slightly more likely than Orlando Bloom showing up on my doorstep and falling madly in love with me, but only slightly) it is even more likely that I will before too long (if things continue like they have) ask what is going on and act accordingly. I have come to the amazingly comforting conclusion that this drama just has to play itself out. I'll let you guys know when it is over and what happens.


Sargini said...

Your welcome. Thats what I try to do is help people. Especially my good friends like you. I hope you think I am a friend too. Don't say what I want to hear say What you truly feel.

Ginamonster said...

Your insight is very helpful.

Sargini said...

Any time darling.