Thursday, February 08, 2007

Who wants a Beaver?? I do I do!

As many of you well know, the inside of my tower apartment looks, at any given moment, like a heard of sheep has passed thorough leaving wool and yarn in piles behind them. (and old mail. why do those damn sheep keep leaving old mail??) As you also know, I must be part Elf on account of my urge to craft incesscently and my green shoes. Unfortunate for my crafty urges, I am wearing my green shoes right now...

I think I pulled a muscle trying to get my foot up near my face in these rather tight fitting jeans. I suppose I could have taken the shoe off, but it wouldn't have been as much fun. But thank goodness, once again for my wonderous IMac, without which I could not take all these wacky pictures of myself because I rarely have visitors in the tower.

So I'm surfing about on Craftster , as I am wont to do when I should be doing other things, in this case cleaning the bird cage and baking cookies before I wander off to the mountains tomorrow (real mountains, not the foothills that surround me) and I come accross a web link. Crafty Alien

I have to click on it because, well, it's an alien thing and the logo is way cute and the person who runs it said something about kits. Alien Kits? maybe. My sister would love that. Except that I found something far better. Yes indeedy over at Crafty Alien they teach you how to KNIT YOUR OWN FOREST CRITTERS. And they are way cute and totally inexpensive and I NEED a hedgehog one for my sister because they are fertility related and we want her to be fertile so that I can have babies to sew for and it's REALLY cute. (see??)

and I TOTALLY NEED the Beaver because. heh. I want to say that I knit a beaver, you know what I mean? I mean what's funnier than a knit beaver (other than a beaver hat, which Boy Roomie had and we giggled about it very time he wore it but no really, a knit beaver is better) I mean it's totally naughty sounding but WAY cute and innocent at the same time and I would LOVE to tell the boss one fine Monday that over the weekend I knit a beaver. (who wouldn't want this here beaver floating around the house?)

And beyond that I can't decide whether I want the skunk, the fox, the raccoon, bunny or squirrel ("dad-dy, I want a squi-rrel" dang. now I have to go watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I like the old oompa loompas better.) the bunny would be fun to give to Bug Guy because he was out um...pruning the bunnies the other day (if you know what i mean) and one ran into his leg and scared that absolute CRAP out of him. BUT I have always had a soft spot for raccoons, foxes and skunks. especially skunks. they look so SOFT and cuddly. like a cross between a dog and a cat, but stinkier so I wouldn't, you know, try and pet one, unless it was a KNIT skunk in which case it's ok because my knit skunk wouldn't stink.

Now, if she were offering a knit sheep I might just pee myself right here (and have to buy a new office chair because I wouldn't want to sit in this one anymore) because a knit sheep casually placed in front of my door might keep that heard of mail dropping maurauding sheep out of my house and I could wander around in the dark without worrying about getting roving caught between my toes. Or, you know, I could just clean house.

Now, we all know that in addition to being sickningly crafty, messy, and drop dead gorgeous (I made that last one up) I am very excitable. and when I find something I like, I can't get enough of it which, this time is NOT a new man crush but a blogger crush because TA DA!! she gots a blog and it made me smile so I'm a-linking to it too right here:
Crafty Alien Blog even though she hasn't updated in awhile because it's got pictures of her stuff and well, I need those magnets too. you know so I can...Um. maybe I don't NEED the magnets. but you do, so buy some already.

I might buy some stuff later. Likely when I have money again. But look out because you never know when I might knit YOU a beaver.


Chickie said...

Seeing things like this makes me wish that I knitted. Cute.

And good grief, were you a wee bit excited while writing this post? I'm tired from reading it! :)

Gary said...

You really do have a great smile.

By the way, where do you get all your energy?

Ginamonster said...

Chickie-let's just say, I was inspired. again. I tend to keep a pretty tight rein on my excitements because people get scared and I don't want to be annoying.

Gary-a steady diet of cookies and nonsense. and Thanks!

NWJR said...

I like beaver.

Rich | Championable said...

I'm with Chickie. You were cruisin' on this post! I really the idea of knitting sheep, though. It's so full circle.

Rock on, sister.

shqipo said...

hilarious! and yes, full of energy.

knitting a beaver... i'm sure you'll find lots of clients to buy it :)

and... damn you can really stretch!