Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fun project. Need your help

In the spirit of all these postcard projects floating about, I had an idea.

I find people's fears fun. Not their scary fears, the kind that keep you up at night, but the silly ones that have absolutely no basis in reality. For example, I don't like to swim in lakes because of Lake Zombies. I know they're in there just WAITING to grab my ankle and pull me under. Then I would be a Lake Zombie too.

Here's where you come in. Draw it up. Make me some art. I want to create a scrapbook of everyone's silly fears. Put it on a post card and send or give it to me. Pass it on. Tell anyone. The more the merrier.

It can be anonymous. But it needs to be postcard size: 4 x 6, because the intent is to be able to put the book on my coffee table and take it with me when I visit people. Plus if you mail it, postcards are cheaper to mail.

Here's some legal stuff to cover my butt in case I want to publish someday...

By submitting information, you grant Gina C a perpetual, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, modify, publish, distribute, and otherwise exercise all copyright and publicity rights with respect to that information at its sole discretion, including storing it on internet servers and incorporating it in other works in any media now known or later developed including without limitation published books.

If you do not wish to grant Gina C these rights, it is suggested that you do not submit information to her. Gina C reserves the right to select, edit and arrange submissions.*

send to

Gina C
PO Box 52
Lakeside, CA 92040

Oh, I can't WAIT to see if people send it in!!!

*Full last name deleteed for my safety. in this case, Gina C is also known as Ginamonster


Gary said...

This is a really cool idea. It may end up being a long term project, but I hope you stay with it because it would be a really fun book to read.

I will try to do one, but it may take me a few days.

Sensei Ern said...

My biggest fear is that when a Lake Zombie starts crawling out of the lake, my shotgun will be out of ammo. That is why I always carry an extra 12 gauge shell in my pocket.

That, and the fear that I will be in the grocery store, wearing shorts and some kid trips and falls, pulling my shorts to the floor as he falls. (This happened to Doctor James Dobson...yes, THAT James Dobson...he was grocery shopping and his 5 year old son pulled his shorts down as he fell, exposing everything for everyone in the aisle to see.)

auqpitu: the sound made when spitting under water

Ginamonster said...

Gary, I will look forward to receiving it.

Sensei, I can't WAIT to see how you draw that up!!

Sensei Ern said...

I don't have the drawing yet, but I have the caption: "ATTENTION KMARTS SHOPPERS! In aisle five, for the next few minutes, we have men's pants half off!"