Thursday, February 15, 2007


I'm not going to post for long because i need to do laundry, vacuume, and change my clothes beore 7-ish. Here is the update...

No, Shqipo, sadly Interesting Man has not answered my email. I am telling myself all sorts of things to keep me from going off the deep end because honestly, my ego really is that fragile. Here are the excuses I am giving myself in the order that they tend to pop into my head.

He thought it was spam.
My spam catcher got his reply
He hasn't checked his email
He hasn't had time to craft his reply (a simple yes or no would suffice)
The answer is no and he doesn't want to hurt my feelings
(Mental reminder that T can only write once a week or so and Bean even less. You just never know what is going on in someone's life)
He thinks, due to casual observing, that I have something going with someone else or that perhaps I am making the rounds. (another story)
My crack was hanging out of my jeans and, ick. (my sister said it wasn't, but maybe she just didn't see)
That funny smell in the bathrom was caused by me (it WASN'T. it was totally my brother in law's swim trunks because the spa smelled funny)
I wish I knew how to make bullit points
I curse too much
I teased him about this and that too much (in which case either of those being a deal breaker would mean that he is DEFINATELY too sensitive to spend large amounts of time with me, cuz I only tease you if I like you and am comfortable with you and as long as there are no children present, I think a well timed "Fuck!" is completely appropriate.)
That discussion at dinner about how sometimes when I'm sleeping and I ate potatoes for dinner, and I'm really relaxed...(thanks sis..)To which I replied that I refuse to be held responsible for anything I do in my sleep.
He's turned off by my spinning (which he was asking questions about it so I don't think that is the case)
He's not interested
He's only interested in one thing. My snickerdoodle recipe
I wish I could spell recipe with confidence
He's an asshole.

At which point I remind myself not to be an idiot and to quit obsessing and for goodness sakes get back to work, you have more than plenty to do and use some fricking punctuation already and move along and maybe if you are lucky Officer Yummy will come into the store on Friday night for some eye candy action. And if you are really lucky then Interesting Man will respond positively and if nothing else you will at least have gotten to know him better which would be cool because you think he is interesting. Or if you are slightly less lucky, he will respond with a polite no (because I have really never seen him be anything but polite) and you can quit being a freak for a little while.

I refuse to ask the Magic Pirate Head one way or another. And that is where it is.


Rich | Championable said...


I coach a soccer team called The Snicekrdoodles! Could you email me your recipe at rich at championable dot com?


(I don't know what to say about this dude. All dudes suck. Me included.)

Ginamonster said...

I really dont blame him. I put myself in his shoes, and no matter which way you look at it, he's on the spot. Do I want him to respond? yes. Will I get over it if he doesn't? yes. Has this happened before? more times than I like to admit. I gambled. Maybe I lost, maybe not. the cards are still one the table. the part where I'm all wound up and could very likely "lose"? is the reason I don't like to gamble. But I had to try.

Women suck more. and not always in a good way. Myself included. I'm only going through what men don't admit they go through.

Que cera cera.

jootastic said...

I'd say your prince charming is coming...and for him you won't have to worry about all this other stuph.

shqipo said...

uhm...OT: i admit it, i haven't followed your blog in a while. sorry!! no time! so i need to catch up

Gary said...

You shouldn't have a fragile ego. You have a lot to offer this world.

By the way, I'm pretty sure vacuum is the correct spelling.

I hope you have a fun weekend.