Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I never thought it would be ok

But first, a bit of madness.

There's a guy that I work with who is unbelievably handsome. And he epitome of sweetness, politeness, and all those good qualities that you like in a person. He's also extremely married. Since I have known this fellow for quite a few years now, I have grown used to his looks and I know how much he adores his wife and child, which of course makes him all the more endearing.

Now I am hardy a prude, generally, when it comes to conversation, but when he made blatent innuendos and comments today I was shocked. and a bit embarassed, as he has never talked to me that way before. The other guys I work with? of course. With them I give as much as I get and we all leave laughing. I think I was just surprised because I don't think of this guy along the same lines as the other guys I know. Perhaps I put him on a bit of a pedestal because he hasn't ever flirted wwith me before. And in the future I will be etter prepared for that kind of attention from him. I will also be more careful with refering to "them being size D" (the DRAWINGS he needed copied) and consider the wording on my request form (loose, or stapled?) a little more carefully in the future. I'm not used to being caught off guard like that.

Speaking of caught off guard, It's Girl Scout Cookie Time. and yes the scouts came a knockin a couple of weeks ago, and yes I bought even though I know I should only buy from Emily (I am a terrible Aunt. I didn't buy from Emily). When the girls came last time, (there were three of them) they came in and checked out the bird while I made my choices. (and took a little tour about the house) I thought it a little odd, how trusting they were of me, but I do live in a fairly small town and I think they could have taken me out if needed. My head was reeling after they left. High energy, those girls.
Today they returned to bring me my cookies. I happened to be reading in my room after taking off my work clothes. I threw some clothes on and answered the door to a whole gaggle of children on my doorstep. 3 or 4 girls, 2 boys and 2 puppies, one small child. They all came in. I even allowed the dogs in my apartment. They milled about for a minute among the mess then wandered back out again. Like something from Our Gang, only preteens. Kinda cool, actually, in hindsight. Once they were gone I realized that I had just let a whole group of kids parade through my house with thier dogs, and I didn't mind a bit. Actually, I kind of enjoyed the momentary hullabaloo. A very funny feeling, for me.

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Rich | Championable said...

"High energy, those girls."

Amen, sister.