Sunday, February 11, 2007

Return from the "snow"

And by "snow" I mean that there was snow on the ground but only in patches and it did not fall out of the sky.

It was a really great weekend. No drama, really and it was nice to spend time with my sister, as always. Developed a harmless crush on one of the crew. (I met him and liked him a bit last year. I was happy to see that he would be there this year) A good one of the crew, who seems like a nice guy even if he is a bit on the quiet and shy side. Which is kind of bad since I am also on the quiet and shy side. But he likes my cookies, which you know, earns him serious brownie points. Do I think anything will become of it? Of course not. Did I hear my sister invite him to camp with us on easter? damn right I did. She looks out for me. Actually, she gives her full blessing on this one. Wendy was dong her best to help me "hookit up" (if you will) but I got all panicy because I just wasn't comfortable chasing after him. Which, of course, it was pointed out, is the problem. But I think that when the mere suggestion of offering someone the rest of my cookies sends me into a complete panic and makes me want to cry, then I shouldn't do it. They say the you should do something that scares you every day. I think driving in Southern California should cover that, but I don't think they mean that you should do something every day that makes you want to go curl up and hide behind the toilet.

I (re)learned, during the course of the weekend (actually, rather quickly on Friday night) that sometimes a person is nice and interesting on email but they will drive you crazy in person. Saturday, after hours of constant chatter and one sided dialog, I finally went in to go clean the kitchen (yeah. I used CLEANING as an excuse to run away) and was followed. I really tried to be nice, I tried to be interested in the conversations, but if I don't want to sit and chat with someone about yarn, you know I'm not interested in chatting. Plus, at one point, I was trying to watch a movie, and it was the sort you actually have to WATCH and still, the chatter, in my ear. However, a person can only handle so much spam conversation and badgering about how I should eat the meat-like substance (and if I eat pepperoni I should eat spam, it doesn't matter if I don't like it because it's good). One can only argue that she doesn't NEED nor can she AFFORD a herd of Musk Ox in order to have the very valuable fiber to spin and sell and no she cannot just pay someone in Siberia very little to take care of them. And no she doesn't need an alpaca. I lightly snoozed through the conversation with my sister about how if the resident baby cried enough, sis would start lactating because she's a woman and that's how it works (my sister has never given birth). I believe I was holding said baby (who is just darling and slept the whole time) while he told Wendy that she would have, was it 15 children? Wendy isn't sure she wants any. population control, you know. It isn't like me to mostly ignore someone if possible, and it isn't like me to try and leave the room when said person enters, or avoid entering the room all together (especially when interesting fellow is in the room because you know, the only way to get to know someone is to be around them) and I feel really bad because I don't think I was being very nice and it is not like me to treat someone with anything less than courtesy. I tell myself that it's ok because I was running off the to bathroom (but only if I actually had to go) just for a moment of silence. 4000 square feet and I could only find solice in the bathroom.

BUT between the Air Hocky and Street Fighter, the bigscreen and indoor jacuzzi (which smelled terrible but we went in anyway) we had a wonderful time. I lost count of how many times I laughed so hard I cried, not counting the time I was laughing and crying a little from embarassment when I got my bracelet stuck on the hooks of my spinning wheel and couldn't get undone.

yeah. it was a good weekend.

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