Saturday, February 24, 2007

In light of renewed arguments

Bought forth by certain individuals in comments made towards posts printed in early January, I would like to say the following,

At risk of sounding as if I am prepared to make argument and cause myself to appear a fool by arguing with one, I will defend myself such,

That if you were to read my posts before I proofread them and make the needed improvements you would find the resulting copy to be much improved. In fact, much of my vocabulary is wasted on my lack of spelling skills. Never have I tried to present myself in the manner of an English Scholar, and therefore should not be expected to maintain perfect spelling and grammer. In short, I am human and admittedly imperfect. I write the way I think and speak, for the most part.

Ifn ya don't like it, bugger off. this is MY blog. created for my need to expound myself in a public forum. That people come here, read, and are entertained is a joyous flattery that I would never have thought possible. I am certain that there have been many who have popped in and moved on. Never to return. Feel free to follow in their footsteps if you don't like my misspellings.

This is the only response you will receive here in return to your accusations that I think by myself and not for myself, and that I flow the "spirit of the age"

I spent some time reading this article at the suggestion of Mr Funky Dung. As I commented, I found the article to be well written and objective, something that in my initial predjudice, surprised me. In a good way. It neither changed my opinions or hardened them, but it was interesting to see things spelled out in a manner that was intelligent. and Non argumenitive. If I were a by myself sort of thinker, I think you would have found me small minded enough to ignore the article and indeed small minded enough to laugh off the idea of reading it. Some excellent points were indeed made in the article. I will maintain my own belief on the subject and leave you to yours. We will not change each other's minds.

I flow with the spirit of my heart and soul. I make decisions based on my own conjecture and build my beliefs according to life as I learn it. Or at the very least I try to. This has nothing to do with the spirit of an age which I find to be rather promiscuous and self serving. I can only be the guardian of myself and my own destiny. Preaching to others does not assist in my spiritual growth, as it is quite possible that I will find myself later to be quite incorrect. I can lead by example, by being kind because I have exeperienced unkindness, and by avoiding the mistakes I have made in the past. Do I fuck up sometimes? all the time. but I hope that I am understanding and openminded enough to see that other people do too. and I hope that I do not too often try and set my standards on others. You are entitled to openly express your opinion, not only of me but of my blog. I will never delete your comments as the opinions of others are interesting to me and I do believe in free speech. But please expect a full rebuttal when my character and intelligence is questioned.


Rich | Championable said...

Wow. I hope that wasn't funky you're talking about. That dude has been pretty up-and-up... and is the best a "respectfully disagreeing" that I've come across, especially considering how opposite his and my opinions are on, say, gays.

Who in their right mind would pick on you... especially after reading your blog?


Ginamonster said...

No, it was not Funky, who was very polite. It was Nicoloso.

You should go read what he wrote, it's in the post where I was defending you.

Small minded people have always had a problem with me. I have learned to accept it. There will always be those who have to pick on others in order to make themselves feel better. I feel sorry for them as they cannot possibly know the joy of appreciating someone for who they are, faults and all.

And, thank you.

NWJR said...

"Ifn ya don't like it, bugger off. this is MY blog. created for my need to expound myself in a public forum. That people come here, read, and are entertained is a joyous flattery that I would never have thought possible."

Amen to that.

Rich | Championable said...


Nicoloso is something of a dickface. He actually prides himself on it, it seems.

Did I say "dickface?"


shqipo said...

now i'm curious to read it. any chance to post a link here?