Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oh. oops

I'm going through my high school senior yearbook tonight trying to get inspiration for the Senior Year Project since my CD is supposed to be there on Friday and I am a total procrastinator. Here's what I noticed...

That I sang with some pretty condescending people. Not just the one that I have always felt that way about, but several others too. Maybe I am just sensitive in hindsight, but being told by my peers that I've "come a long way this year in choir" sounds a bit like, "you kinda sucked before but not as much now". And it's true, I did grow vocally my last two years of HS, but I will credit that to weekly singing lessons. Had the words been written by one of my close cohorts, I would still be flattered. But these were from the Drama folks that snubbed me all the way through. no wonder I have an aversion to actors.

The other thing I noticed was that I happened accross a picture of a boy that I had a crush on and 10(+) years later I have to say that I agree with my mom. I think he was gay. Actually, I think I heard through the grapevine that he did come out gay. No pun intended. He also turned out to be a crack head. Gay I can accept. Crack head is sad. I'm not saying that every man that isn't interested in me is gay, only that this one probably was. I mean based on the picture. I had forgotten until I started typing that he really is. Shoot. I'm digging myself deep. And no, I don't think there is a gay "look". but I have pretty good gaydar, if occationally delayed when faced with dashing good looks, and he? looked quite on the feminine side. and honestly? not really all that good looking after all.

Speaking of dashing good looks, I listenened to a couple of seconds of Robin Thicke's music and um. It doesn't appear to be to my taste. But he's still good looking.


PaintingChef said...

Oh no...you have till the END of the month so that's a few extra days...isn't it? I have no idea what day it is most of the time anydamnway.

Also? Is Robin Thicke the same singer that is Alan Thicke's son and had that song a few years ago that sampled Beethoven's Fifth (or something along those lines). I think it was called "When I Get You Alone". He just called himself Thicke then though and he had lovely long hair... Good song.

Gary said...

I do think there is a gay look. Most gays don't haave it, but some definately do.